Fawlty Towers

Review: Ariel House

I have found a guesthouse that is  suitable for all my simple needs and it even provides free coffee in the drawing room no less. What more is there in life to enjoy. Let me explain further.

I was making my way downtown, walking fast, faces fast and I’m home bound…..and there she stood, nestled in the shadow of the Aviva Stadium.  We were both mesmerised by the beautiful red brick facade that stood before us.  We had arrived at one of the best guesthouses in the country.  Our address for the weekend was Ariel House in Ballsbridge.


We climbed the steps and rang the doorbell and we were greeted by one of the very friendly staff members.  Upon check-in she mistook us for a Mr and Mrs, when we are still just a common law Mr and Miss. However, we weren’t about to complain for our new found temporary marriage status gained us an upgrade of the highest order and we weren’t going to declare our “living in sin” status for a lesser room.  So it would seem that there are some advantages to being married – The Jonathan Swift room – resplendent in all its Victorian spacious glory, complete with lovely views of their city gardens.


Afternoon tea is available on request at an extra cost, but for the less well-off, there is free tea/coffee and baked treats served every afternoon in the drawing room.  Sadly it’s a case of first come, first served. The coffee here is excellent and the homemade biscuits are “to die for”, as a famous aunt of mine would say!  A lovely homely touch but to avoid disappointment, punctuality is key.

Ariel House is splendid in every single way, I cannot fault it, which is a huge complement coming from the likes of me!  However, whilst the coffee I had on the premises was excellent, the breakfast is even better.  Breaking the fast at this establishment is a real gastronomic experience and it’s all thanks to their breakfast chef, Rose and her team.  Nobody does it better than they do.   I doff my hat to you Rose,  I most definitely will be back!



Check out the website here.


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