Coffee with Cormac

The Italian Job

After being betrayed and left gasping for more coffee at yet another establishment, I, Cormac McLoughlin, and my companion from the Cuban coffee underworld decided to plan an elaborate coffee bean heist from a heavily guarded safe at the Little Venice Restaurant, Santry.  However, our plan never came to fruition, as we got sidetracked by the fabulous coffee and service available at Sweet Nosh.


Sweet Nosh is a quaint little Italian bar situated on Dublin’s Chatham Street and in my opinion, it serves a very fine cup of coffee.  So Italian is this place, you’d half expect to see a gondola floating by the window. This might come as a shock to some, but I adore coffee, and when I find a place such as Sweet Nosh, I feel it my patriotic duty to let everyone know about it.

Thankfully, most places in Dublin offer a decent cup of coffee these days, but a place like Sweet Nosh really does separate the men from the boys, the baristas from the baristos and so on.  There is also a fantastic display case of sweet treats, which really catches the eye upon arrival.  One could spend hours gawking at the perfect mini profiteroles and other such sweet and savoury delights, encased so carefully in their individual wrapping.  I opted for the profiteroles and a coffee. It’s fair to say the food was beautiful, or as the Italians might say; il cibo era bellissima!


I highly recommend this place; I simply refuse to say anything bad about it.  Some people, like my companion from the Cuban coffee underworld, might argue that the seating isn’t great, but I would immediately dismiss his worries and encourage you to be Italian (with lovely pasty skin) for an hour, and savour the coffee and the sweet and maybe even the ice-cream.  Trust me you won’t regret it and moreover, you won’t be asked for your name either.  Over-familiarity is the bane of my life these days, and I think most Irish people would agree with me, especially when the name on your takeaway cup doesn’t match up to your actual name; Starbucks take a bow!

However, Sweet Nosh doesn’t do this, oh, and you can pay at the end.  Finally, we never did pull off that heist from a heavily guarded palazzo at Little Venice, Santry, but we did have two very reasonable, and excellent cups of cappuccinos and two mini profiteroles each.  The grand total of which was in or around €5 each.  Now, hopefully the Mini Cooper hasn’t been clamped!




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