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Cheap & Cheerful: McCafé

Let’s start off with something cheap and cheerful. So, for those poor students out there and indeed employees might I suggest McCafé on Grafton Street.  I know, McCafé – it’s no Coffee Angel but for €3.50 you can get any tall coffee with any muffin, which isn’t bad and their coffee isn’t half bad either.


Okay, so their muffins won’t set the baking world alight but you won’t be too out of pocket either and it’s always nice to have something along with your coffee.  Might I recommend the apple and cinnamon muffin heated with a tall latte that comes served in a very tall glass.  Lattes should always be served in a glass – so they’ve got that right. ‘Tis a real bugbear of mine when lattes are served in a common or garden variety cup!

The staff are friendly too and efficient but not in that weirdly over the top style adopted by the likes of Starbucks.  All that’s required here is a hello, a please and thank you – personal details like your name, your age and your relationship status are thankfully not required at this establishment.  The queuing system is straight forward enough but I always find it laughable that people get confused as to where to place their order.

The great thing is you don’t even have to mix with the great unwashed having their Big Macs – it’s got a real East/West Germany feel about it with history once again repeating itself what with those who should be in the East with their burgers trying to take up seating in the West – where the ambience is only slightly superior.

Which brings me onto the seating – it’s basic, you’re never going to think that you’re having high tea in the Merrion but I just wish the staff were stricter about not allowing those with happy meals beyond the clearly defined border of coffee joint/burger joint!  If you get a seat facing Grafton Street – people watching becomes a real joy, especially around this time of year. So check it out and let me know what you think and no, you won’t be asked if you’d like fries with your coffee.


4 thoughts on “Cheap & Cheerful: McCafé

  1. Not to my recollection, although I am noticing more and more sockets in places these days. I’ll be sure to mention if places have them in future reviews. There is obviously Starbucks and Costa, also Brewbaker opposite Reads on Nassau Street.

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