Interior Motives

Mini Library – A Storage Idea You Can Borrow!

We love to read.  But by the end of our first year at Chez Cabra, we were running out of places in which we could store/hide our books. As you can probably tell, the flat is rather small so it didn’t take much for it to feel in any way cluttered. I decided that certain items, such as books ought to have their own place.  However, when you live in a flat the size of ours, it’s not as easy as just deciding to nip to IKEA and pick up the first bookcase you see and hope for the best.  Every bit of limited wall space must be measured in advance of any such purchase.  So small is our flat that even the smallest bookcases available from the likes of IKEA or Argos would in fact have been too big.  That is when I came up with the idea of getting a tall bathroom cabinet and essentially turning it into our own little library.  Again, I struck gold in TK Maxx and came across a cabinet in the bathroom section that I knew would work in our flat.

Book Display Cabinet – TK Maxx – €89

As you can see, the results speak for themselves.  It’s a nice, neat, little unit that doesn’t take up much space.  In its present guise you wouldn’t even know it was originally intended for a bathroom.  It’s also rather deep so we can fit books, two back, which is an added bonus.  We both fell in love with it, so much so, that when we eventually move to a bigger place we will never consign it to a bathroom.  It will always take pride of place in any future abode to come. The best thing about TK Maxx is that their furniture comes ready-made so you don’t have to spend an hour or two assembling it with an Allen key.  You just have to get it home and it’s mostly light enough to carry to your nearest bus stop.  Although the bus driver won’t appreciate you getting on the bus during rush hour with furniture in tow so shop wisely and at a time that will suit all concerned.  Finally, we also purchased the versatile cake stand (pictured) from Lidl, which can also be turned into a punch bowl, a cheese platter as well as a delightful serving platter and it cost under €20.


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