Coffee with Cormac

North by NorthWestin

It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day, it’s a new life for me.  And I’m feelin’… good.  Well, wouldn’t you be if you were treated to coffee in the Atrium Lounge of The Westin Hotel?

Never has the interior of a hotel surprised me so much given the street it’s situated on.  However, as the bishop once said to the nun, once you’re fortunate enough to be inside, you completely forget where you are.  Lest we forget, Westmoreland Street is just a glorified bus stop these days and whilst it may have a Dublin 2 address, the street has little else going for it.


Thankfully, The Westin makes you forget all these first world problems, why, it even makes you forget yourself.  You may even think you’re someone else, someone good!  Yes, it’s fair to say that it was such a perfect day when I had coffee in The Westin, but life goes on and now all I have are the memories.  So let me give you an insight into what happened on that perfect day in question.

Firstly, we walked upstairs and waited to be seated.  I then begged my companion from the Cuban coffee underworld not to make small talk with the staff and with very good reason as his first question is usually in relation to a coffee and cake deal of some sort.  Naturally, I wanted to save us all from embarrassment but I failed on this occasion.

We were eventually seated at a table in the far corner of the room.  The staff here were simply wonderful, although I’ve heard it said in passing before that some of the staff in reception are a tad businesslike in their approach.  They must do things differently upstairs for I had no complaints, our waitress couldn’t have been more helpful.

This is a venue that oozes class and sophistication, until we walked in, of course.  All around me were familiar faces enjoying high tea, afternoon tea, after dinner tea, tea of every kind.  So I opted for coffee.  An excellent latte, served in a glass alongside a complimentary plate of posh biscuits.  The damage was under €5.  I left the hotel that evening as I always did through the revolving door, not too much out of pocket and a better person at that.  Yes, the Westin changes you, but for the better!

North by Northwest


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