Interior Motives

Park Life

“There is a house in Cabra Park
They call the Rising Sun
And it’s been the ruin of many a poor boy
And God I know I’m one”

– The Animals

cabra park
Cabra Park

We pay €850 per month plus bills to live in a shoe-sized flat.  I say flat because in my opinion, you can’t call something that used to be a rather decent-sized family home an apartment building. So by definition, it can only ever be a flat and when we took on the lease in 2014, it was a rather depressing one at that – even my mother referred to it as a tenement.  So we decided early on that if we’re going to live in such a place, a location that wouldn’t be out of place in Strumpet City, we may as well jazz it up, which we did.

Sitting room 2014

We really relished the project and upon completion we were reminded of the old adage to never judge a book by its cover.  It’s still not Foxrock but it’s home until we can afford one of our own.

Our efforts were not in vain either as despite any initial first impressions, by the time any of our guests had reached the top of the house or penthouse as I like to say, they were forced to concede that we lived in a charming and bijou-esque flat! They could all see the work we had put into the place, well, almost everyone.

Renting isn’t fun in Ireland and your landlord will constantly remind/threaten you of this fact.  But renting is a rite of passage for everyone and we decided to go all European and enjoy the experience, treating it as if it were our own place by putting a little money into it.

Sitting Room 2016 A

In doing so, we have so far enjoyed the experience and when we get to move into our own place one day, we can take it all with us.  Over the next while, I aim to show you how spending a little money can brighten up your tired and humble flat.


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