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The Mindy Project: Fine Dining

When we first moved in, the landlord was gracious enough to provide us with a fabulous and retro Formica drop leaf kitchen table.  Being both Irish, we were horrified by the haunting childhood memories it brought back.  Most children growing up in Ireland during the 80s and 90s were forced to eat all kinds of potatoes at such a contraption whilst remembering not to kick the leg of the table too hard, as it’d send everything flying, meaning one thing; cue – the wooden spoon, an Irish mammy’s favourite accessory back in the day.  Sadly with the onset of Childline, Irish mothers no longer feel they can the beat the living daylights out of their kids without someone taking exception to their antics. Prior to Generation Snowflake, only the battered child would’ve taken exception to daily beatings and that didn’t really matter.

Even when a family came into some money and a new dining room table was immediately purchased, the Formica table was kept, just in case and lovingly renamed, the children’s table.  Most of us remained in exile at said table well into our teenage years for fear that we’d scratch/mark the new table.  There’s a serious amount of trust issues within Irish families.

Formica table
Formica Table

We put up with the Formica table for as long as we could but it was an ugly site, especially when it was in use; it practically took up the entire apartment.  Nevertheless, it was a great space saver once it was folded up and put in the corner – everyone puts Formica in the corner.  One day I was walking around the Mindy Brownes Deparment in Arnotts and I came across a beautiful oval-shaped side table.  As you can see, it has a veneered finish with curved, burnished gold metal legs and it was reduced from €200 to €100, an absolute bargain in terms of its quality.  Everyone now comments on how classy and French it looks.  I knew that it could easily accommodate two people and that it’d sit comfortably by the window at all times and wouldn’t have to be stowed away after every meal.

Mindy solo
Mindy Brownes Table – Arnotts – €100

To complement the table, we also purchased two high-back, armless, brown leatherette chairs from Love Furniture .

Chair solo
Dining Chair – – €76.50

Love Furniture is a family-run online furniture business and they can be contacted 24/7.  They will deliver to your door with free delivery to anywhere in Ireland.  They were having a sale when we bought our chairs so we managed to get two chairs plus assembly on arrival for under €80.  We found the company very helpful and friendly when it came to arranging a delivery time that suited us.

All in all, to achieve the dining area we so desired, we spent less than €200 on lovely pieces of furniture that we’ll be taking with us to our next place.

Mindy with china
Mindy Brownes – Fine Bone China/Dinnerware Set – Arnotts

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